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Noelle was a gift i didn’t know existed! When i was suffering from vocal chord nodules my doctor suggested i work with Noelle. I didn’t have high hopes and didn’t believe there was really anything to learn. Why would I need speech therapy?

I’ve been at the top of my game for 17 years what could she possibly teach me? Boy was I wrong! I had no idea that the reason i kept losing my voice, and suffered from these nodules was because i was using my voice improperly.

I wasn’t breathing or using my diaphragm properly. she taught me all the tricks and tips i needed to not only heal myself but also to be a better broadcaster. Now i send everyone to her. I’m forever grateful that Noelle shared her gifts with me and allowed mine to shine brighter too!

– Maria Menounos

My daughter was struggling with certain sounds and speech patterns, and her preschool director suggested speech therapy. When I started asking around for referrals, the name Noelle Galstian continued to come up as the best in the field. After working w Noelle, it is easy to see why she is so highly regarded.

Noelle conducted a full assessment, worked with my child weekly, and gave us incredibly helpful exercises to use. The best part about Noelle was that she made the process fun for my child, supporting her and us as parents every step of the way.

After working with Noelle for a few months, my daughter’s speech improved dramatically. She just finished up speech therapy and started Kindergarten with no more speech issues at all. I cannot recommend Noelle’s services highly enough!

– Anonymous

As an actor, I rely on my voice for my livelihood. When I became hoarse, I developed nodules as a result. I was absolutely terrified at the prospect of having to remove the nodules surgically, and had no idea what to do. My ENT suggested trying speech therapy with Noelle. I am thrilled to say that the therapy worked! My vocal issues disappeared without having to do any sort of surgery at all!

– Anonymous